X-Ray Technician Job – NY, Mattituck

city: Mattituck

The primary role of a radiologic technologist (also called an x-ray technologist or radiographer) is using x-ray equipment to produce images of tissues, organs, bones, and vessels and administering radiation therapy treatments. Although radiologic technologists are required to be knowledgeable in all terminology related with radiography, anatomy, pathology, etc., a professional technologist will also possess strong interpersonal skills. A large part of the job requires giving instructions to patients who may be a bit nervous with the various radiography procedures. A well-trained technologist will be able to give straight-forward instructions as well as foster a sense of comfort and confidence to patients.



  • Review physician orders and place patients in the examination rooms.

  • Communication with the patient and ensuring their comfort during the procedure.

  • Explaining procedures to patients and answering questions.
  • Preparing equipment for use as needed.
  • Preparing examination rooms for patient exams.
  • Taking patients vital signs.
  • Positioning patients for imaging exams.
  • Monitoring patients during exams.
  • Documenting information with computers.
  • Reporting important information to the physician.
  • Ensuring safety of patients during exams.
  • Use good judgment when reviewing images to provide the best x-ray for the Physician.

  • Maintain, scan patient charts into EMR.

  • Ensure patient results and correspondences are reviewed in a timely manner by the physician and appropriate follow up is performed according to the physician’s direction.

  • Maintain an adequate supply of inventory in each of the exam rooms while ensuring the cleanliness of the examination room.

  • Ensure HIPAA guidelines are followed.

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