Pharmacist Job – NY, St. James

city: James

Job Title: Pharmacist - Medication Therapy and Annual Wellness

Job Summary: The Pharmacist for the Stony Brook Medicine Clinically Integrated Network plays a pivotal role in the optimization of medication therapy while strategically managing costs. In addition, the Pharmacist will play a pivotal role in providing annual wellness to our patients. Responsibilities encompass assessing, managing, and enhancing medication therapy, focusing on patient outcomes while considering cost-effective alternatives and resource utilization.


1.   Medication Therapy Management:

•     Conduct comprehensive medication reviews to ensure the appropriateness, safety, and effectiveness of prescribed medications.

•     Collaborate with healthcare teams to develop and adjust medication plans based on evidence-based guidelines and patient-specific needs.

•     Educate patients and caregivers on medication usage, adherence, and potential side effects.

2.   Data-Driven Strategies, Cost Analysis and Medication Optimization:

•     Analyze medication-related data to identify trends, barriers to optimal care and opportuni5es for improved pharmacy related therapeutic outcomes.

•     Evaluate medication costs and utilization patterns to identify opportunities for cost- effective therapeutic alternatives, formulary substitutions,        and generics for cost savings without compromising patient care.

•     Assist patients and providers in identifying and accessing cost-saving programs and resources.

•     Develop and implement clinical and cost management strategies based on data insights to maintain the highest quality and value in patient        care.

3.   Utilization Review:

•     Conduct utilization reviews to ensure appropriate medication use and reduce unwarranted risk and expense.

4.   Annual Wellness:

•     Participate in Stony Brook Medicine’s newly developed annual wellness program.

5.   Collaboration:

•     Communicate with insurance companies or payers to address coverage issues and optimize medication access for patients.

6.   Interdisciplinary Integration:


•     Align cost management strategies with evidence-based clinical guidelines and patient care needs.

•     Collaborate closely with Stony Brook Medicine Inpatient Pharmacy Team, Case Management and Interdisciplinary care teams to integrate cost-effective strategies to promote patient safety and optimal therapeutic outcomes.


•     Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree from an accredited institution.

•     Active New York State pharmacy licensure and in good standing.

•     Clinical pharmacy experience in healthcare settings, with a strong understanding of pharmacotherapy and healthcare economics.

•     Proficiency in data analysis and utilization of pharmaceutical data for cost management decisions.

•     Demonstrated ability to assist with focusing activities toward a strategic direction as well as develop tactical plans, drive performance, and          achieve targets.

•     Problem-solving skills: the ability to systematically analyze problems, draw relevant conclusions, and devise appropriate courses of action.

•     Experience with EMR and care data systems and reporting.

•     Must be proficient in various word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and database programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access,              PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.

•     Excellent communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills.

•     BCACP Certification or equivalent preferred

•     Teaching experience preferred

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