Patient Runner/Clinical Assistant Job – NY, Commack

city: Commack

Job Summary:

The role of Clinical Support staff is to ensure proper cleaning and stocking of exam rooms. They also assist in escorting patients to and from the parking lot, waiting rooms and/or suites as needed. They also will assist in transporting specimens to and from the laboratory.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Clean exam rooms in between patients. This includes but is not limited to
  • Cleaning ultrasound probes utilizing Trophon machines
  • Wiping down all surface area.
  • Changing paper barrier on exam tables
  • Ensuring proper stocking of supplies in each room
  • Emptying garbage as need.
  • Wiping down patient bathrooms
  • Escorting patients from the waiting room to exam room
  • Escorting patients via wheelchair from Recovery to the parking lot after procedures
  • Delivering blood racks to the on-site laboratory for processing.
  • Unpacking and stocking supplies for office, clinical and OR staff


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