Embryologist IV- Island Fertility Job – NY, Commack

city: Commack

Job Summary:

Embryologist IV reports to the laboratory director and follows corporate policies/procedures and departmental policies/procedures approved by the laboratory director. Embryologist IV is responsible, along with other Lab staff, for providing quality Embryology procedures including but not limited to intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), Assisted hatching (AH), embryo grading and transfer, embryo/blastocyst vitrification, blastocyst biopsy, biopsied cell processing, oocyte vitrification and warming for infertile couples wishing to achieve pregnancy. Responsibilities include technical benchwork, administrative tasks as assigned by the lab director, quality control and quality assurance activities and documentation including result reporting and tissue transmittal (paper as well as electronic). Embryologist IV is responsible for maintaining certification as Technical Supervisor (American Board of Bioanalysis) or have a master?s degree in embryology. Participates in on call rotation for alarm handling. Oversees day to day operations. Trains new hires per laboratory director?s request.

Essential Job Functions- Expert Level

  • Interacts with patients professionally. Maintains patient confidentiality.
  • Learns elements of patient correspondence for the disposition of their cryo stored samples.
  • Maintains good working relationships and helps create a patient centered service environment.
  • Communicates with other departments of Island Fertility and communicates lab information with physicians
  • as appropriate.
  • Performs data entry into LIS/EMR and SART and assists in SART data finalization.
  • Complete assigned competencies within deadline.
  • Follows safety policies. Maintain a safe working environment.
  • Reports promptly with utmost truth and transparency, any nonconformance/incident/deviation from
  • standard operating procedure(s) whether involved in, discovered, or observed.
  • Complete assigned training and competencies within deadline.
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