Medical Transcriptionist Job – NY, East Setauket

city: Setauket

Job Summary:

The Medical Transcriptionist is responsible for transcribing and proofing all office progress notes created by the providers. Transcriptionists must accurately document medical terminology and treatment processes and therefore the transcriptionist must be well versed in medical language/terminology. Transcriptionists will print all schedules daily for all providers.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Proof & process outgoing correspondence with accuracy.
  • Proof emergent dications with accuracy.
  • Create admit notes with accuracy.
  • Reviews all letters from Mediscribes for accuracy.
  • Review all office progress notes for all providers ensuring accuracy.
  • Print all office progress notes and give to Mail Center to process.
  • Cover, if needed, letter processing.
  • All office Progress notes/correspondence.
  • Print providers schedules.
  • Keep a daily productivity log.
  • Review and handle all electronic messages.
  • Address all messages in a timely & efficient manner.
  • Send messages to providers to electronically sign their office progress notes.
  • Keep log showing all processed office progress notes.
  • Send messages to providers if office progess notes are incomplete in the patient's chart.
  • Send messages to Medical Records.
  • Carries out all other assigned responsbilites by the supervisor.





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